Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A lunar tale

Silent, she stands, hiding in plain sight 
Reflecting into night 
The light of day, filtered with Solitude, 
Tempered by time and disappointment.
"It's fine", but it's not. 
The battles fought take toll on her heart 
Till she shelters close 
Not morose, but safe with her faith 
So misunderstood.  All will be good 
With time, you'll see.
The walls will grow strong against all but the song
That haunts and fills all the holes in her soul. What now?

Vocal, he reclines, pulling into his mind 
Unaware of the world
Revolving about while he shouts
Without sound; for he's found the counter 
To his voice, no choice. 
His soul reaches out far into the night 
The flight is long yet close at hand,
For silent she stands, walls tight against the night save for the passage that allows his song to invade, connections made.
All the while far above, the messenger, with love watches over the distance as though a blink,
As they sink into ancient embrace, her silently standing, him vocally reclined. 

Hush.  Allow.   Be.

cd - 062116

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