Monday, December 21, 2015

Through a Wood Winding

Finding your way through a dark wood winding, Moon-silver reminding your steps that the path unseen is clear and serene to the mind once open and free.

Reflecting at times on choices bisecting, fleeting thoughts injecting full color,
While monochrome trees sway gently in breeze that surrounds and guides what you see.

Keeping your memories from happily seeping, while eyes trickle weeping,
Betraying your heart as the foliage parts while you're finding your way through a dark wood winding, Moon-silver reminding that all love is binding, and open, and free. 

cd - 122115

Sunday, October 11, 2015


When once I was young
as fast as I ran
the years went by at a crawl.
There was time for play,
Adventure and fun.
Life was delicious, fresh, and raw.

So now as I age
my steps are measured,
methodical; I take my time as I think.
But, as much as I stall it,
as slow as I go,
the damn years fly by in a blink.

cd - 100915

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


In solitary thought and contemplation deep,
on the front steps sat I while above the moon did keep
its vigil o'er the town in dream filled peace asleep.
Epiphany escapes me once more.

Though photos passed and history's appeal,
connections made I with earlier generations' deal
to offer ancestral secrets with ache to reveal.
This road's been traveled before.

By routes of memories thick with fog and clear,
confusions have I, no revelations appear
to set to right why I'm sitting here.
It's right on the edge of allure.

On the breeze of night, a slight scent rides along,
familiar am I with the aromatic song
which triggers the calm and erases the wrong.
Epiphany once more...
On this road from before...
Salt air's sweet allure...
Contentment arrives from the shore.

cd - 063015

Friday, March 20, 2015

On the Edge of Sleep

Riding the tide of nightfall chill,
cresting the wave of dream-light
I find my mind in fantasy's will
somewhere between twilight and fancy's flight.

The parade of choices taken and discarded
pass me by, and I reach for those I choose to weave
into the fabric of dream.
Where will I go,
who will I be out there
somewhere between twilight and fancy's flight?

Meet me there on the cusp of Angel wings and heat.
Run with me through fields of brown wheat
until our feet lift from earth with arms spread wide
out there,
between twilight and fancy's flight.

cd - 031915