Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday, Ziphone and Cold Feet

It's a slow Sunday here. After working six days in a row, I got up this morning like it was a work day (don't you hate that?). What to do with the boredom. I started the laundry, which I hate. I played a few online card games (no, not for money). Chatted with a friend on and off, who was busy with sorting through pics from Europe (recent trip that I did NOT participate in). And I listened to Apple Phone Show. Andy Ihnatko interviewed a "special secret guest" who unlocked his iPhone using Ziphone, and it seemed pretty easy. So easy, in fact, for the first time I'm actually considering unlocking the phone. Of course, the only reason for me to do it is to play with software and third party apps. I don't have a T-Mobile account, and don't intend to. So, since I was bored I downloaded the software. Now I'm just staring at it every so often wondering whether or not to do it. I'm so disappointed in myself... what am I a Geek or a Wimp!?!


maybe I'm just careful... yeah... that's it... afterall, v2.0 is going to be released soon and I don't want to have to restore the phone just to break it again and then I'd have to wait anyway and....

I need therapy.