Monday, December 23, 2013

My Christmas Gift

I'm staring at my Christmas Tree, my world is sound asleep,
all snug and warm and prayed the Lord their little souls to keep.
The colors change for my special eyes, now yellow, now green, now blue.
I sit quite still and realize there's still so much to do.

There are gifts to wrap and calls to make, must keep moving to ensure
important things are not missed (who should be keeping score?).
But I sit here staring at my Christmas Tree, it draws me close to see
the important things are found inside the hearts of family.

Family of blood, of friendship, of choice; family of bonds secure.
Family with whom I break my fast, family I can't ignore.
Those of you I only know through airwaves, electrons, light.
Those of you I'd stand beside, to love, to lift, to right.

While I stare at my Christmas Tree, with my world all sound asleep,
all snug and warm and prayed the Lord their little souls to keep,
I wish for you, my family, my friends, a Peace that never ends.
Merry Christmas with all my heart, and thank you... once again.

cd - 122313

Sunday, November 10, 2013


There's a whisper on night's wind
moving through ages,
of acts performed on stages far from here.
The actors play parts
with hearts of conviction affecting ultimate interdiction
so we may rest easy, secure without fear.
The courage they command,
they demand of themselves
belies dangers surrounding their call.
For the theaters they play
are the grays of battle,
devoid of guarantees without fall.
Remember them now, remember them tomorrow,
remember them all days of the year.
Remember their sacrifice on distant stages of life,
so we may rest easy, secure, without fear.

cd - 111013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Being Human

Finding everything and nothing
in the sigh that punctuates day's end,
summarizing events, thoughts, fears, hopes
in one simple breath.  
This is being human.

Seeing the order in the chaos of the world
as it spins steadily on axis yet out of control
around you.  At once disgusted and accepting 
of the atrocities, insanity, inanity uncontrolled.
This is being human.

Marveling the innocence of the mind 
of a child, and smiling as you vaguely recall
in the wisps of memory you possess. and with it
gathering hope....  feeling love.
This is being human.

Shedding the noise, resetting the soul,
finding the music within that drives,
letting it sing and knowing happiness 
is yours to choose, yours to lose, and you light the fuse
to watch it burn bright, and chase away the night,
moving forward to begin again the daily fight. 
This is being human.

And so I breathe...   

cd - 091413

Monday, August 12, 2013

When Memories Fail

On the edge of awareness a memory teases.
It does as it pleases
and dances away to leave you standing, just for the nonce. 
Slowly you turn while the questions that burned
extinguish before you come 'round full once.
Confusion to wonder in three blinks till you blunder
upon another memory that dances and prances just out reach.
A loving heart comes along with a familiar song
to lead you back to once known surrounds,
and listens, attentive, as you thrice regale an oft told tale, 
while at the edge of awareness a memory teases
and does as it pleases, 
then dances away once more
through the door
Of nevermore.

 cd 081213

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Firefly

In the black and white of twilight as night
erodes the light of day, I sat
and scratched the head of my cream-colored cat.
A tiny shadow floats before me, its existence fleeting until
it glows...  a firefly...
and my world changes to wheat and rye.

Forty-odd years roll away, an earlier day,
my sister and I chasing small bugs of lightening
in slow motion, jars open, wonder wide, minds inviting.
All sounds are distant, ethereal, unreal, as the moments
stretch to magical sighs, our eyes
adjusting to shadow and shade, new mysteries made.

Adults in chairs, up there, unaware the game has changed
to hide-and-seek, to oxen-free
glowing jars forgotten on wooden step, with promise kept
of freedom at close of night's great joys,
when we retire to toys inside.

Parents have called, claimed right to night
as shadows fade to darkness black
we slide ourselves back
to harsh light indoors, hard floors to tread
and ready ourselves to rest and bed.

My cat content, my free moments spent,
my mind returns to the churns
of now....   and I rise to slide inside
where whisper of air replaces the fair breeze
of night.  I sit now and write.  

Know yourself, reader sublime, catcher of rhyme,
don't let slip the joys of past, of childhood blast,
of times simple, at once old and new.
These are the moments that refresh you,
reset you, and let you know that you are indeed

cd - 060913

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Eye

I had a dream, the dream had me,
to learn, to turn, to yearn, to see.
The thing that drives, that defines the path
is there, in front, behind, in mirth, in wrath.
I should stop and spin, take in the view.
I should run, should flee, should just start anew.
Instead, I breathe, eyes closed, mind nil,
and everything stops, all quiet, heart still.
A gentle refrain, faint, familiar, mine
begins to grow, to swell, define.
The song of my soul, briefly gone, walled out
fills my heart, now resounding, now a shout.
Eyes open slowly, knowing now my place:
the calm in the storm, while the outer winds race.
All is well, and the dream runs free.
All of the variables begin with me.

cd - 041113

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Silent Heroes

There are people I know, silent and strong,
who carry the load and carry on
with secret pain or ailments deep,
unable to dodge illusive sleep.
You'll never know from outward glance
the detail, the time or circumstance,
but evidence is seen of conquered strife
in the pure appreciation in moments of life.
These heroes I know you may see each day
as they quietly press forward and make their way
through the pages of your life.  Open your heart and know.
You will be enriched....   you will be touched...   you will grow.

cd - 021913

Friday, February 1, 2013


Coffee shop, corner booth, he sits alone.
Empty seat across from him with cup unattended.
He sips and smiles, gazing miles back in time with whist
Every Thursday, six p.m., silence appended.
Three quarters of an hour, two quarters on the table,
He steps away to venture out.
The empty space at his side tangible, he slightly leans
Honoring her presence, now without.

Do we ever take time to discover
How much there is to grow?
Will we ever understand the drive
Or fully strive to know,
What pleasures, what pain the mind retains
To carry one soul along?
Hear my song.

Her house is clean, immaculate in space,
Each room carefully tended.
No echoes rebound, nor escape of sound,
The emptiness of laughter now ended.
Frames of silver, plastic and wood ever filled,
Golden curls and blue eyes dancing within,
Now fully grown, miles overflown
Too long away from mother’s skin.

Do we ever take time to discover
How much there is to grow?
Will we ever understand the drive
Or fully strive to know,
What pleasures, what pain the mind retains
To carry one soul along?
Sing my song.

Be strong enough to live the moment,
Take chances, slow down and learn.
Don’t be satisfied with daily grind
Know what and why you yearn.
The years go by and you find they've flown,
Too quickly the pages turn.
Then one day your landmarks gone
Save for bridges burned.

Do we ever take time to discover
How much there is to grow?
Will we ever understand the drive
Or fully strive to know,
What pleasures, what pain the mind retains
To carry one soul along?
Live my song.

cd - 020113

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter's Confirmations

Stepping out the door into the assault of crisp fragile air
muffled nature riding the senses
minding the fences of time as it flows.
Orange red yellow grey, peripherally seen
sharp and clean as horizon glows.
Breeze slips by abducting thoughts of longing
whisking them away to finally alight
within sight of love’s full heart.
Ageless season reminding that the future is not written
on the pages of life, the story proceeds
and heeds that even though physically apart,
the time will come when fate wins out
removing all doubt
revealing the plan, though random in perception
confirming affection and love long denied…..
…..and nature sighed
…..and whispered heart’s desire.    

cd - 012713