Tuesday, June 30, 2015


In solitary thought and contemplation deep,
on the front steps sat I while above the moon did keep
its vigil o'er the town in dream filled peace asleep.
Epiphany escapes me once more.

Though photos passed and history's appeal,
connections made I with earlier generations' deal
to offer ancestral secrets with ache to reveal.
This road's been traveled before.

By routes of memories thick with fog and clear,
confusions have I, no revelations appear
to set to right why I'm sitting here.
It's right on the edge of allure.

On the breeze of night, a slight scent rides along,
familiar am I with the aromatic song
which triggers the calm and erases the wrong.
Epiphany once more...
On this road from before...
Salt air's sweet allure...
Contentment arrives from the shore.

cd - 063015