Saturday, November 24, 2012

Of Tide and Dream

Seeding dreams with hope and desire,
Fanning the flames of love's pure fire
From embers to mature conflagration. Decide
to ride
the tide
to it's flow.

Seeming to leap, to run, to fly,
The soul finds mate in Dreamscape's sky
From touch to hold to full embrace.  Just heed
and be freed
and concede
to it's glow.

Rising from trials stronger and wise,
Finding raw joy within each other's eyes,
From furtive glance to bold full lock. Reside
as hearts abide
and watch love grow.

cd - 112412

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Sentinel

The glow of the lone sentinel revealing the tips of wave after wave,
casting about turning black to gray,
infinite shades on a still, calm bay,
betrayed only by caps of white,
cresting a sandbar in the ink of night.

The roll of the sea adding rhythm to symphony of wave after wave,
calling to the heart searching for peace,
stretching in the distance to never cease,
crescendo of song to soul's delight
bringing life to the ink of night.

The musk of salt air cascading over all from wave after wave,
oddly fresh while screaming of life,
assaulting senses and healing strife,
finishing the mend of a long day's plight
and completing the salve of the ink of night.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Realms of Dream

Riding the onyx waves of night,
Thoughts of love and winged flight,
Set dreams aloft with second sight.
Can you hear the years dissolve?

Within the endless bounds of dream,
We find those things that always seem
To elude the waking hours theme.
Can you feel the heart's resolve?

For far away horizon's glow,
Found e'er distant as dream winds blow
The coming dawn from nightshade's flow.
Can you see the earth revolve?

So sleep well, and know you've found,
The glowing warmth, the song's resound,
Within the dreams of love abound,
As all life's paths evolve.