Saturday, September 14, 2013

Being Human

Finding everything and nothing
in the sigh that punctuates day's end,
summarizing events, thoughts, fears, hopes
in one simple breath.  
This is being human.

Seeing the order in the chaos of the world
as it spins steadily on axis yet out of control
around you.  At once disgusted and accepting 
of the atrocities, insanity, inanity uncontrolled.
This is being human.

Marveling the innocence of the mind 
of a child, and smiling as you vaguely recall
in the wisps of memory you possess. and with it
gathering hope....  feeling love.
This is being human.

Shedding the noise, resetting the soul,
finding the music within that drives,
letting it sing and knowing happiness 
is yours to choose, yours to lose, and you light the fuse
to watch it burn bright, and chase away the night,
moving forward to begin again the daily fight. 
This is being human.

And so I breathe...   

cd - 091413