Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Way Ahead...The Road Behind -- A Poem

Many days and many wanderings in and out of existence, I see
Roads and paths and trails to come, all calling, all beckoning the likes of me.
The colors are vast and ever-changing, the sounds ebb and flow without cease
To push and pull and prod,
Ever channeling my steps toward a thousand destinies.
I stop.
A glance behind reveals a road, a solitary way, set and done,
Where I have been, from whence I’ve come, not many…  only one.
And I know at once no matter how far I retrace my journey’s past
I’ll only find this one lone way,
No choice…. No deviation….  All set and fast.
I turn once more to view the ways ahead and find that they
Are made of all the choices that lay the stones of former day.
I close my eyes…
I breathe…
I will not think this time.
Whichever way my heart may lead, I accept the path’s design.