Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Book, a Beef, and a Bittersweet Memory

Have I ever mentioned that I'm writing a book? Technically, it's been in work for about 6 to 7 years now... practically, it's only been about 1 year. As you can tell by the blog, I find consistency and commitment a challenge when it comes to the written word. I should get back to work on it, though. Oddly enough, I feel a responsibility to the characters to finish their story even if the thing never sees the light of publishing day.

Speaking of inconsistency, I'm seeing a lot of news stories on the current oil crisis in the Gulf, the most useful and informative being on the Weather Channel of all places. OK, it's news. But think about this. Back when the Haiti crisis was in full bloom and you couldn't walk into a convenience store, surf to a website, or type a text message without being reminded from every direction that you have an opportunity (and an implied obligation) to donate to the relief efforts, a friend of mine said to watch the next major ecological crisis in this country and note the lack-luster response overall. She was right. Now don't get me wrong, there are a few sites and organizations that are beginning to offer proceeds of sales to help in relief efforts for the Gulf, but I'm not being bombarded at every turn. While the government regulators and BP point fingers at each other and stare, the Gulf Coast is bracing for some major ecological and economic clean-up. Don't see the benefit concerts... don't see the "text for donation" popping up.... don't see the ex-Presidents rushing to organize charity relief. Nice, huh? Guess the Gulf Coast doesn't offer enough prime real estate for a tropical getaway when all is said and done. I'm amazed.

I also find myself missing the common sense one-liners that used to come from my Grandmother.... she had a way of putting things in concise sentences that pretty much closed the matter for discussion. I've actually been thinking about her most of the day.... the old one-room schoolhouse that my grandfather and his brother converted to a home (she outlived that house), the way she loved to sit outside and just be, enjoying the sunshine, the breeze and the familiar salt air I always take for granted until I've taken a trip inland. It just occurred to me why I'm thinking so much about her -- tomorrow would have been her birthday. She would have been 95... or 94... we were never sure exactly what year she was born since my great-grandfather kinda kept that to himself. Happy Birthday, Grandma... I'm sure you're happier where you are than you would be here these days.