Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vacations and Quarterly Report

Sort of became a quarterly blog, huh? Oh well, it's not like I'm committed... as far as you know.

So here's the scoop on vacations... never, ever ,ever plan them. Because of a new policy at work, I was asked to shed over 160 hours of vacation time between September and January. First week I took off was cool, although it rained. My boss, however, realized my employees were being taken advantage of during that week and asked me not to take week long vacations anymore this year. There goes that master plan.

Next scheduled time off was to balance out Thanskgiving weeked by taking the three days off before then. Lucky me, I end up with double pneumonia the Thursday before... flat on my back my entire vacation.

Next, first week of December. My boss and I mutually agreed I couldn't take that time off.... and now, Christmas.

FINALLY, I have a week off... I'm not on my back, no definite plans, and the rest of work isn't working, so no way to be called.... So what, you may ask, do I do with the valuable time? Why spending my time online, of course. Talking to what has become some of my closest friends. After some of these most satisfying conversations, I have to say I'm very relaxed and as happy as I've been in awhile. Sometimes, no talking is necessary... just being online with others you've become close to is enough. We're sharing our days, and sometimes our lives, in ways never before possible.

Probably the busiest day for me (other than Saturday when the entire world was shopping where I was shopping) is going to be the Big Day... as I'm sure it will be with you. Oddly enough, I will be surrounded by real people... family... people I love and who love me.... and I will welcome the return home that evening to my laptop and my online world. You guess what will be more relaxing.

Puppycat wants to play and is walking across my keyboard to make a point. I won't make it so long between posts next time for the six or so of you that actually read this.

Merry Christmas.