Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On Perspective

Sometimes, when I'm alone, my mind shuts off.  I'm just enjoying the nothing, if that makes sense.  Problem is, I have this ringing in my ears that will never stop (blame rock-n-roll, listening and performing), so once I notice it, the solitude disappears.  I need to turn on the television or listen to music or an audiobook or a podcast or or or or...   *sigh*....   until it dissipates into the background once more.  Tonight is one such night, and the influence to my thoughts happens to be the movie Daredevil.  I've seen it before as entertainment, but tonight I viewed it (peripherally) as a lesson in perspective.  What we hear, smell and feel affects what we see and how we see it.  No two people can view the same scene and come away with the exact same notion of what just occurred.  As a matter of fact, if you check with law enforcement, you will find that exact eyewitness testimony from more than two or three people is cause for suspicion.  Each person focuses on a different aspect of the situation as it occurs...  each is hearing different aspects in the foreground as the distances vary, and each may detect the same odor which triggers vastly different memories, shaping the scene in a different manner.  Each person will have different points of distraction, meaning each person's overall viewpoint of the situation has nuance unique to that person.  It's what makes life interesting and flavorful, don't you think?  How else can there be debate?  How else can we determine the people we're compatible with vs. those with whom we'll never agree?  How else will we learn and grow if we do not have the opportunity to learn from another's perspective?  

On that note, I think I need to return to my book (novel, novella, or whatever the hell else it may become) and restructure the characters based on perspective.   I think this may be what I've been waiting for.  What have you put off doing, waiting for the right catalyst to push you onward?