Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cold Moon

Large and bright, silver white
to hang against a velvet night.
Gentle wisps drifting by
painted silver in night’s sky.
Degrees down, breath seen
floating ahead a cloudy sheen.
Staring star-ward the lovers swoon
overcome by December’s Cold Moon.

One here, another there
each standing in crisp new air.
The miles between melt away
as Earth turns steadily from Day.
Thoughts run deep and re-align
connections reaching to define.
Enhancing promise of touches soon
witnessed by December’s Cold Moon.

cd - 122912

Monday, December 24, 2012


The world turns without permission,
and we move through time’s passing experiencing transition
of life everlasting.

Along the way new life joins the dance
through birth, acquaintance, design or chance;
a correct and natural casting.

We turn together or spin apart,
changing lives and molding heart
ever new and growing.

Moving across the lines of life
we label love, joy and strife
ever innocent yet knowing.

And along the way, the rocks we cling to
are pulled or worn away as the bards will sing to
until it’s time to fly.

And we must turn and move ahead,
ever grateful for the lives they led,
feeling the pull of heart and head
as pain and suffering they finally shed.
And we stand and quietly cry
and whisper…


cd - 122412

Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to Change a Water Pump

How to Change a Water Pump on a 2003 Chrysler Town & Country.

  • Change everything you can think to change avoiding the possibility that the water pump is what's leaking
  • Give in and decide to change the water pump
  • Read the Haynes manual....   a lot
  • Thank the stars above you have a 6 cylinder that does not require removal of the timing chain
  • Purchase water pump and gasket (app. $40)
  • Put van on ramps
  • Disconnect negative battery terminal
  • Drain antifreeze (for about the fifth time in a should be good at this by now)
  • Remove plastic belt guard (for about the third time in a month...  again, you're an expert)
  • Using 19 mm box wrench rotate belt tensioner counter clockwise to loosen belt
  • Slip, pinning hand between wrench and lower pulley
  • Swear
  • Push hard, using the pain and frustration
  • Remove serpentine belt from water pump, tucking it carefully out of the way without removing from other pulleys
  • Release tensioner, almost pinning hand again
  • Remove three 12 mm bolts holding water pump belt wheel
  • Attempt to remove five 10 mm bolts securing waterpump
  • Realize your handy open socket set is not sufficient for job
  • Get trusty heavy duty hinged ratchet and sockets with extension
  • Realize your metric sockets are in the trifold toolbox
  • Search in vain for said toolbox
  • Swear
  • Ask wife where it is, getting the expected response
  • Swear
  • Call son to see if it at his house; not there...   swear again
  • Ride with Daughter-in-law (who came to get wife to go shopping) to purchase metric sockets
  • Get call from son on the way saying he did have the box after all; go there to get it
  • Return home and continue work
  • Remove five 10 mm bolts securing water pump
  • Push water pump pulley wheel against water pump and attempt to pull water pump from vehicle
  • Realize the leak has been going on long enough to "rust fuse" the water pump to the timing cover
  • Spray the hell of it with WD-40, clean up, and eat lunch while the magical solution does its work
  • Pull water pump from vehicle (yay!); realize there's not enough room between the timing cover and vehicle frame to completely remove it
  • Hop on You-Tube to find everyone and their brother (except Haynes) says you need to drop the engine to get the water pump out
  • Place jack under oil pan and head to back yard to get the 2 x 6 you've had for 10 years and never used so you have something between the jack and the pan
  • Realize you finally cleaned up the flippin yard the previous spring and apparently threw the stinkin thing away
  • Swear
  • Catch wife and daughter-in-law as they leave to shop and ask them to pick up a 2 x 6
  • Watch several repair videos while you wait
  • Call wife to see if they went to the next state to get wood, then watch them pull into the driveway
  • Place wood between jack and oil pan, raising ensemble to rest firmly and support engine
  • Prepare to remove three 15 mm bolts securing right side of engine
  • Realize you have 14 mm sockets and 16 mm sockets but no 15 mm sockets
  • Swear
  • Call wife to pick up socket before shopping (app $5)
  • Get socket from wife, watch them leave...   again
  • Realize the socket is for 1/2' drive ratchet and all you have are 3/8" drive ratchets
  • Swear profusely
  • Call wife, explain situation, claim you will walk and never drive again
  • Retrieve from wife a new socket set and ratchet and a new 1/2" drive ratchet (app $25)
  • Watch them leave to go shopping...    finally 
  • Remove three 15 mm bolts gently lowering engine, hoping your jack is strong enough to hold it
  • Remove water pump and gasket
  • Clean all surfaces
  • Prepare new water pump and gasket
  • Realize you threw away the packet of gasket seal you had a week ago
  • Swear like a sailor on leave in a blue law state on Sunday
  • Go through two bags of garbage to find the packet of gasket seal because you'll be damned if you're going to call them back again to pick one up for you
  • Rejoice when found, and clean up garbage spread all over the ground
  • Apply gasket seal to gasket, place in groove on water pump, and install water pump on vehicle
  • Finger tighten five 10 mm bolts securing water pump, becoming contortionist to get them all
  • Raise engine, tighten three 15 mm bolts securing engine in place
  • Tighten five 10 mm bolts
  • Attach water pump pulley wheel with three 12 mm bolts
  • Realize in all the movement the serpentine belt all but came off the vehicle
  • Struggle for 15 minutes getting the belt on all pulleys, fighting tensioner, pinning hand again until successful
  • Fill coolant system with antifreeze solution
  • Connect negative terminal on battery
  • Start engine and check for leaks
  • Stare with wonder that there are none, and that the vehicle actually runs
  • Install belt guard
  • Bring van off ramps and begin clean-up just as wife and daughter-in-law return from shopping trip apparently purchasing the entire store
  • Realize at some point the sun went down
2 hour job.....    taking approximately 6 hours to accomplish.....      Would have been easier to just by a new vehicle. 

Forever Scarred

I found myself falling
through my day,
while cold, senseless tragedy ended innocence.
There are no words,
no solutions,
no fixes that will erase the pains, tears, heartbreaks.
There is no reason,
no answer,
no justification for the turns taken to arrive at this place
where little ones
don wings
far too soon, and take flight from the care and love of those
left behind.
Hearts unbind.
Masses in kind reach out to one another, desperate to know
how to STOP
through the day....
To carry on.

cd - 121512

Dedicated to those grieving souls, forever scarred, in Newtown, Connecticut

Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Fog

Night, dark and grey,
A blanket surrounds
of mist, cool and damp,
muffling the sounds
of life's frenzy until the softness brings
the whispered tones of sweetness;
a voice at once distant and near,
electrifying synapse once alone and silent.
Another world in time and being
awaits the adventurous, the young of heart,
and beckons to dance in the mist, cool, damp blanket of night...   dark and grey.
cd - 120912

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I'm 4, in the back of Dad's Chevy,
Not feeling well, and voices are singing
In the stars against the black velvet drop,
and they don't stop
until the doors open and they slip inside
to start the ride
for home.
Can you hear me?  Are you there?

I'm 9, going on 10, in the back of Dad's Ford,
Heart heavy as I wave goodbye
To my boyhood friend running through the yards
trying to mend the shards
until around the corner we turn,
and the tears burn
for home.
Can you hear me?  Are you there?

I'm 14, in the back of a field,
Confusion abounding in adolescent fury
In the midst of changes I don't quite grasp
childhood's last gasp
until exhaustion steps in
and the journey I begin
for home.
Can you hear me?  Are you there?

I'm 18, in the back of the Bay with Ocean in sight
Adolescence behind me as I breath salt air
Mind spinning with thoughts I don't understand
standing in sand
until day's light fades
and I pull back the shades
of home.
Can you hear me?  Are you there?
Can we share?

cd - 120112

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Of Tide and Dream

Seeding dreams with hope and desire,
Fanning the flames of love's pure fire
From embers to mature conflagration. Decide
to ride
the tide
to it's flow.

Seeming to leap, to run, to fly,
The soul finds mate in Dreamscape's sky
From touch to hold to full embrace.  Just heed
and be freed
and concede
to it's glow.

Rising from trials stronger and wise,
Finding raw joy within each other's eyes,
From furtive glance to bold full lock. Reside
as hearts abide
and watch love grow.

cd - 112412

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Sentinel

The glow of the lone sentinel revealing the tips of wave after wave,
casting about turning black to gray,
infinite shades on a still, calm bay,
betrayed only by caps of white,
cresting a sandbar in the ink of night.

The roll of the sea adding rhythm to symphony of wave after wave,
calling to the heart searching for peace,
stretching in the distance to never cease,
crescendo of song to soul's delight
bringing life to the ink of night.

The musk of salt air cascading over all from wave after wave,
oddly fresh while screaming of life,
assaulting senses and healing strife,
finishing the mend of a long day's plight
and completing the salve of the ink of night.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Realms of Dream

Riding the onyx waves of night,
Thoughts of love and winged flight,
Set dreams aloft with second sight.
Can you hear the years dissolve?

Within the endless bounds of dream,
We find those things that always seem
To elude the waking hours theme.
Can you feel the heart's resolve?

For far away horizon's glow,
Found e'er distant as dream winds blow
The coming dawn from nightshade's flow.
Can you see the earth revolve?

So sleep well, and know you've found,
The glowing warmth, the song's resound,
Within the dreams of love abound,
As all life's paths evolve.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Soft footsteps on the back of the mind,
from one whose kind
heart beats in rhythm and tempo with yours
opens doors.... 
Friendship blooms, flourishes, triumphs, endures
with intensity and luster
to gather and cluster and grow inside.
Hearts, flexible and ever-young, swell and glow
with ebb and flow,
and so, as love's lights show,
we slow..... the footsteps..... on the back of the mind.

cd - 10/24/12

Saturday, August 25, 2012


In searching for meaning of all things Grand,
The giving sand
Beneath speckled black sky
Echoing endless white-noise of ocean roll
Offers solace.

The import of the living soul
As a newborn foal
Trembling to find purchase at the edge of the mind
So tenuous a find
Surrenders acceptance.

The giggles of young filling hearts with glee
Without fee
Surrounding the mature of being
Ever energetic and free
Renews strength.

The next challenge has come
Between forefinger and thumb
Seemingly insignificant and over-arching
It stands before me and
Fosters doubt.

But I’ve been searching, you see, for meaning of all things Grand
On the giving sand
Beneath speckled black sky
Echoing endless white-noise of ocean roll…..

And I rise
And brush
And move on…having found

Monday, April 23, 2012

Two of The Untouchables

Time, like written music, is manufactured by man to understand that which cannot be seen or touched.  Let's see if I can explain the comparison, not that the intelligence of my average reader can fail to grasp the concept with a single statement.  Sometimes illustration serves to solidify a point.  When I hear music and have an instrument placed in my hands, I know instinctively what to do to reproduce the sound I hear. For some of the general population this is not possible.  They need to see the music in written representation in order to know which notes to play to reproduce the sound they hear.  Someone first must "translate" the sound into visible language on a page so it can be read and then reproduced.  I have entire symphonies in my head, but lack the ambition and will to put them on paper (that takes a particular talent as well, trust me).  If I want to share my music with others I must produce it in it's natural form.....   sound.  Now, another musician can hear my music and reproduce it, adding their own personal flare, style, interpretation of what they hear.  To me, this is the greatest form of art, where the personalities of two like talents join to create something new, better.  If evolution exists, this is a prime illustration.  The final stage that completes this, and any, piece of man's purest art is the listener.  A particular piece of music is created from and produces a general emotion, a general feel; however, it is transformed and shaped by each listener's individual mood, mixed with a complex pattern of memories that only the particular listener has and ever can experience.  Man, if that could be translated into a security key it would be unbreakable

Ok, I got distracted.  We were discussing time, at least as a single word.  Time is merely an historical record of events, when you think about it.  Analytic man had to find a way to measure time's passage so that he could impart stories of the past with as much accuracy and perspective as possible in the simplest form possible: linear.  First this, then next, then that, follow by......  you get the picture.  The large majority of Science Fiction writers use time as a marker to represent their creative thought for events that have not yet occurred, but the purpose is still to mark a sequence of events.  Some folks focus so much on the passage of time they become keenly (and unhealthily) aware of their own place along the timeline.  Such souls never allow themselves the simple pleasure of slowing down and enjoying their surroundings or appreciating the events unfolding around them.  On the other end of the spectrum are those that live without any thought whatsoever of tomorrow and find themselves filled with regret for missed opportunities.  I suppose the trick is to live one day at a time savoring every moment with those that make life sweet and interesting, naturally combining those experiences to affect others in such a way that the piece carries on with them to a fruitful, life-changing, continuous evolution.

Time...    the music of life.